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Gearing up for his first book, “Money, Pizza, Respect,” which comes out Tuesday, The Fat Jewish — born Josh Ostrovsky in Brooklyn — invited a handful of journalists to the Chinatown Fair Family Fun Center on Mott Street for his version of a book tour. While getting a “hangover cure” IV drip of nutrients, Ostrovsky explained why he didn’t have a Halloween costume: he’s dressed outlandishly the other 364 days of the year and Oct. 31 was his day off.

“I’m gonna probably wear khakis, Rockports and an Old Navy button down and be like, ‘Hey, I’m Josh,’ and keep it super normal,” Ostrovsky said. The day’s getup consisted of white Fila sweatpants, a t-shirt emblazoned with the Smith family (as in Will and Jada) and Stubbs & Wootton slippers.

One of Ostrovsky’s favorite hangouts as a teen, he took WWD on a tour of the gritty downtown arcade and talked about trends, his must-have accessory and favorite fashions of the week.

WWD: Who is your favorite designer?
The Fat Jewish: Alexander Wang; he has beautiful, soft hair. His hair is glowing, it looks like the inside of the briefcase in “Pulp Fiction.” It’s f—ing gorgeous. Clothing-wise, just like Tommy Hilfiger, and, well, Ally Hilfiger. According to her, she invented the cargo pant.

WWD: What are your fall must-haves?
TFJ: I love some big a– wooden toggle buttons. [Also] I’m gonna start wearing Juicy jumpsuits, like a 2002 original.

WWD: Do you have an Apple Watch?
TFJ: I’m not down. It’s, like, so much. It’s Gilt telling you that Egyptian cotton bed sheets are for sale. You do not need that info on your hand.

WWD: What is a trend you want to go away?
TFJ: One I wish that would never have happened was when girls were big belting stuff. Just throwing a big a– belt on everything. I wish we could un-live that.

WWD: What are your favorite women’s fashions?
TFJ: I like a girl wearing straight whack s–t. I like palazzo pants. Also dashikis and caftans, a Dooney & Bourke bag and Michael Kors ballet flats bought at an outlet.

WWD: And men’s fashions?
TFJ: An incredibly deep v [neck], the deepest v. I want the point of the v on the navel. I [also] like a buff guy in white jeans with a python around his neck.

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