Faustine Steinmetz #007 campaign

TEAM WORK: Faustine Steinmetz has released an ad campaign for her latest collection. Called “Faustine Steinmetz 007,” it highlights the new direction the London-based designer is taking, presenting her collections as part of an ongoing creative process, rather than a response to seasonal demand.

The images were the result of a collaborative project between some of the industry creatives whose work Steinmetz admires, including Georgia Pendlebury, the fashion director of indie Swiss-based magazine Novembre, art director Aude Debout and photographer Arnaud Lajeunie.

The British artist Luke Brooks also worked alongside Steinmetz to create foam copies of her work, which are pictured next to the clothing and clay sculptures the designer creates as part of her denim studies.

“Very often before creating a textile, I sculpt it first in clay, I find it really handy to get inspired, so we photographed the little sculptures of denim details and denim jeans which I have made in order to create my fall rug pieces,” said the designer.

Steinmetz said the campaign aims to be a spontaneous teaming of like-minded artists for the mere sake of creation, moving away from the commercial element.

“Now that I’ve had my label for three years, I sometimes feel frustrated with the fashion format and not being able to associate with young designers or artists you like, or just being able to make stuff on the spot, paint together, have fun. Everything in fashion obviously has a commercial purpose and although I love creating product, sometimes I just want to create things that don’t need to be refined and thought through to the point of being sellable, industrialized or wearable,” explained Steinmetz. “So that is what I want my campaign to be about, a sort of open door to my studio, my process, my friends and the people who inspire me.”

The result of the collaboration is a series of soft, faded images featuring textured pieces in a bold palette of browns, blues and yellows that contrast the black-and-white background — they were created using embroidered American cotton, sculpted into three-dimensional tufted weaves.

Earlier this year, the designer teamed with Cheap Monday on a unisex capsule collection of reworked denim. She was also the recipient of the Woolmark Prize British Isles Regional Final.

The campaign will feature across Steinmetz’s social media platforms.