FOOD FIGHT: Hearst Italy today will unveil the first issue of the Italian edition of food and lifestyle magazine Elle a Tavola. The monthly is also published in France, the Netherlands, Japan and Sweden.

“Elle a Tavola is more than a recipe book, because it covers everything that revolves around today’s mania for food: starred chefs, women that consider cooking more than a passion and style tips,” said Elle a Tavola editor in chief Anna Bogoni. “To choose and combine first and second courses, but also tablecloths and glasses, is as fun as playing with fashion accessories, without losing sight of functionality and accuracy.”

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The magazine is organized in three areas: “News,” including trends, shopping and entertaining tips, along with interviews; “A Tavola,” the section dedicated to recipes and trips, and “Soluzioni,” consisting of practical information such as suggestions on the choice of kitchenware and wines. Elle a Tavola will also feature a number of columns on specific topics, a section dedicated to children, along with three detachable cards showing 12 recipes.