FOREVER 21’S NEW FACE: After featuring Ashley Smith, Chanel Iman, Cassie Ventura and Sky Ferreira in its ads, Forever 21 is turning the spotlight onto 21-year-old model, DJ and rock star progeny Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor for its fall campaign. The campaign’s images capture de Cadenet Taylor in layer after layer of pieces from Forever 21’s fall collection. The collection focuses on loose-fitting silhouettes, plaid, embroidered denim, oversized Santa Fe-inspired prints, drop-sleeve outerwear and textured sweaters. Prices range from $15.80 to $32.80 for sweaters, $24.80 to $59.80 for coats, $15.80 to $22.80 for tops, $10.80 to $27.80 for bottoms and $15.80 to $42.80 for shoes. De Cadenet Taylor said a trick to layering is to “pair tights, maybe cute socks, a leather jacket for sure and a hoodie. I always wear a hoodie underneath a jacket.” Speaking more generally about her style, de  Cadenet Taylor elaborated, “I switch a lot between dressing like a total boy where I’m really comfortable in jeans and boots and baggy t-shirts, but I also love really lady-like dresses. I love anything with a collar buttoned all the way up, but then I usually throw my leather jacket on top. I like to mix it up between looking like girly and then have that boyish feel.” Jamie Nelson and Judi Casey photographed de Cadenet Taylor for Forever 21’s fall ads in June at Siren Studios in Los Angeles. Michael Long handled de Cadenet’s hair, and Lottie Stannard did her makeup.

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