Alexandra Shulman

MORE DRAMA: Former British Vogue editors Alexandra Shulman and Fiona Golfar are now turning to script writing, to tell the story of the fashion media world.

Shulman, who was the British title’s former editor in chief, and Golfar, who was its editor at large, have teamed with production company Bad Wolf to develop a television drama series that will draw on their 25-year tenure at Vogue. Set in the Nineties, the series will zoom into the inner workings of a British monthly title, dubbed Gold Dust Nation, and explore the lives of the stylists, journalists and designers associated with the title in a pre-digital world.

Through the prism of the magazine, the series will also aim to explore key events of the decade from Thatcher’s reign, to the emergence of a post-recession new world order and new feminism.

“It’s an opportunity to bring to life the realities of the world of fashion publishing in a series that will have total authenticity. We will be able to showcase the real issues and real stories that occur when you combine huge creativity with human emotions and dilemmas set in a backdrop of the changing times of recent history,” said Shulman, who announced that she was leaving British Vogue last year and was succeeded by Edward Enninful.

Golfar said the show would draw on their shared experience to showcase how people find their place “in this world of perceived glamour.”

“It’s a show about love and loyalty, treachery and creativity, beauty and body image. Can these coexist when there is so much at stake in the highly charged world of fashion magazines? Between us, Alexandra and I have seen it all. From the boardroom to the bedroom, there is never a dull moment in the world of fashion,” Golfar added.