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It’s been more than a year since Robbie Myers left Elle magazine, but it turns out she’s not done with the media world.

Myers has been named editor in chief of Shonda Rhimes’ nascent media web site,, where she will be working directly for Rhimes, a prolific and successful creator and producer of television series like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “How to Get Away With Murder,” among others. The web site also operates within Hearst Communications as part of its digital media network, so Myers is not only sticking with content publishing, but returning to the company she left not so long ago.

The Shondaland web site, which shares a name with Rhimes’ production company, launched about a year ago as a newsletter for fans of Rhimes, who is a more front-facing personality than some other successful TV creators. The ethos of the site also seems to tie in with her best-selling 2016 book “Year of Yes,” with themes of living better and inspiration geared toward women, along with essays and pop-culture coverage.

But Rhimes is looking for the web site to become more of a destination and an extension of her brand and has bought on Myers to lead the way.

“Her commitment to culture, inclusive perspective and fearless passion for storytelling are a perfect match for our expanded vision of’s future,” Rhimes wrote in a statement.

Myers, who spent nearly 18 years at the helm of Elle before leaving unexpectedly in September, to be replaced by Nina Garcia, will be overseeing all editorial content and strategy for the Shondaland site and report directly to Rhimes.

“Shonda Rhimes is a force, a visionary whose voice I’ve long admired,” Myers wrote in a statement. “She is uniquely successful in communicating the nuances of the most vexing issues in our culture, while at the same time celebrating humanity in all of its beautiful, complicated permutations. I look forward to continuing to showcase the talents of extraordinary writers and igniting meaningful, informative conversations.”

In a release, Shondaland touted Myers’ tenure at Elle, pointing out the magazine’s “record-breaking readership and revenue growth” and her creation of events that celebrated female leaders in Hollywood and other areas, like music and politics.

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