Ariel Foxman

Since exiting InStyle over the summer, the fashion media world has been buzzing about Ariel Foxman’s next move. While those larger plans are still coming together, Foxman, who served as editorial director for Time Inc.’s fashion title for eight years, told WWD he is keeping busy.

His latest role involves taking a seat on GLAAD’s national board in order to serve as a liaison between the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender advocacy group and the fashion industry. Although fashion has always been a friend to the community, Foxman said that there’s still work to be done, specifically with GLAAD, which has a board of about 30 members from various fields.

“I just want GLAAD to get their message out,” Foxman said. “I really believe the bedrock of long-term change and policy that assures life for everybody is the attitude and the learning that people have toward the community.”

In order to change attitudes, Foxman said he will work with the media and fashion industry to spread GLAAD’s message, and he will also help out with fund-raising, among other things.

The editor said he became more active with GLAAD through Sarah Kate Ellis, a former Time Inc. media executive, who serves as GLAAD’s president and chief executive officer. Although Foxman already had been in talks to join the advocacy group’s board, he said the Trump administration has made the mission all the more important.

“Fashion has always been at the forefront of culture and artistic self-expression,” said Ellis. “Through his storied career in the media, Ariel Foxman has helped shape narratives that build understanding and positively impact acceptance. GLAAD is thrilled to welcome his expertise and insight to the national board of directors.”

“What’s a big challenge to all organizations like GLAAD is how do you keep up with this incessant news cycle and do the work that you need to do.. and keep eye on the long term goals?” Foxman said, before turning to other projects he’s working on. “I’ve been working on a series of different projects in the retail, philanthropy and celebrity space all under the guise of how do you create engaging content and benefit from the constant innovation in these industries.”

Also joining the board is Justin Tranter, a gender nonconforming musician, songwriter and designer whose writing credits include collaborations with artists such as Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and Fall Out Boy.

Ellis offered: “Justin Tranter’s impact on the music industry is far reaching and dynamic. By harnessing the power of song, he is able to share beautiful stories that change hearts and minds. Justin’s work on ‘Hands’ helped a nation cope with tragedy and we are honored to add his vision and voice to the GLAAD national board of directors.”