Ann Shoket, the former editor in chief of Hearst’s Seventeen magazine, has sold her the rights to her upcoming book to Rodale.

Titled “The Big Life: Find your Confidence, Live Your Dreams and Get Everything You Ever Wanted — On Your Own Terms,” the book will be released in winter 2017.

“The Big Life,” which includes a foreword by YouTube star Michelle Phan, is tailored to Millennial women. According to a rep from Rodale’s Books Division, the book will help readers “sort through the complicated emotions that come with being young, hungry and ambitious.”

Shoket delves into her own life lessons that address common questions such as “how to craft a career that’s also a passion,” “how to find a support system and life partner,” and “why it is important to forget work/life balance and learn to embrace the mess.”

Shoket is no stranger to embracing the mess; she was let go from Seventeen in late 2014 after having served as editor in chief for seven years. Under the restructuring, Cosmopolitan editor in chief Joanna Coles took on the new role of Seventeen editorial director and installed Michelle Tan as the title’s editor in chief.

Since then, Shoket has juggled various projects, including writing her own newsletter called “Badass Babes News,” which addresses topics similar to those in her upcoming book.

The North American rights to “The Big Life” were acquired by Rodale Books senior editor Marisa Vigilante in a deal with Brandi Bowles of Foundry Literary + Media.