Genius Insight, a New York-based marketing and research firm, has released its StarPower 2005 report, which analyzes celebrity likability and awareness. The “Fan Base” likability score tallies those respondents who feel very positively toward a certain celebrity. Both actresses and music stars can be found in the top 10. “What these top actresses have in common is an approachable beauty,” Paul Jenkins, co-founder and principal of Genius Insight, said. “They can be the pretty girl (or mom) next door, perhaps slightly goofy, appealing to men, but not threatening to women.” Reinforcing fashion’s new celebrity focus, at least seven of the top 10 either have their own fashion or beauty lines or will appear in upcoming spring ad campaigns for major designers and beauty firms. – Cecily Hall and Emily Kaiser

  1. Julia Roberts
    Percentage of all respondents who say they “like the celebrity a lot”: 41 percent
    Despite taking time off from her day job this year to raise her year-old twins, Hazel and Phinnaeus, Hollywood’s highest-paid actress is still a fan favorite. Commanding a cool $20 million a film, Roberts will be heard on the big screen next year in “Charlotte’s Web” as the voice of Charlotte. Roberts was also recently tapped to become the new face of Italian designer Gianfranco Ferré’s spring ad campaign.
  2. Sandra Bullock
    Celebrity likability: 37 percent
    Still considered a newlywed, Sandra Bullock remained in the spotlight over the past year, thanks in part to her surprise wedding to 36-year-old biker Jesse James, just outside of Santa Barbara, Calif., in July. Bullock starred in “Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous” earlier this year, and over the summer, she received much acclaim for her role in “Crash,” a film that explores racial tolerance and forces its multiethnic characters to face their fears. Bullock will also be seen next year playing the writer Harper Lee in “Infamous,” alongside Gwyneth Paltrow, Sigourney Weaver and Jeff Daniels.
  3. Halle Berry
    Celebrity likability: 34 percent
    Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry may not have appeared in many films lately, but coverage of the red-carpet favorite hasn’t slowed down. “Unless you’re Tom Cruise and pull some out-of-character stunts, people don’t suddenly stop liking you,” said Jenkins of Genius Insight. “When people are asked what they think of Halle Berry, there’s no reason for them to stop liking her from one year ago. The public loves her.” Berry has been chosen as the new face of Versace for the house’s spring ad campaign and will also continue as a Revlon spokesmodel.

  4. Reese Witherspoon
    Celebrity likability: 33 percent
    “Reese is famous and likable,” noted Jenkins. “It’s the perfect combination for our ranking.” Born in Baton Rouge, La., in 1976, Witherspoon has a Southern charm that has won over her fans. Witherspoon’s role this year as June Carter Cash in “Walk the Line” has already garnered her a Golden Globe nomination and many tip her for an Oscar nomination, as well.
  5. Angelina Jolie
    Celebrity likability: 33 percent
    Angelina Jolie is proof that press coverage can translate into likability. The 5-foot, 8-inch bombshell was probably one of the most covered celebrities of the year, thanks to her romance with Brad Pitt, who recently adopted Jolie’s two children, Maddox, from Vietnam (where Jolie has citizenship), and her newly adopted baby girl, Zahara, from Ethiopia. “Jolie was not in the top 10 last year,” Jenkins said. “But she was not in the same league of awareness as she is now. Her strength is that she captures a huge audience of fans: She has a wild side, but she’s a working mother and a UN goodwill ambassador, all at the same time.” She’s also the new face of St. John.
  6. Drew Barrymore
    Celebrity likability: 32 percent
    Barrymore remained in the public eye in 2005 by costarring with Jimmy Fallon in “Fever Pitch” and making stops at various fashion week parties and fund-raisers over the year. “Drew Barrymore has been in this business forever. She’s grown up in the spotlight,” said Jenkins. “She has a star quality that’s very hard to achieve because there’s a naturalness that makes people like her a lot.” Barrymore will soon be featured in Missoni’s spring 2006 campaign.
  7. Shania Twain
    Celebrity likability: 31 percent
    Jenkins pointed out that five-time Grammy Award winner Shania Twain’s popularity has had nowhere to go but up because country music is such a phenomenon these days. “Country stars like Twain have found a way to branch out into a broader pop music audience – without alienating their original country music fans.” Twain has been a force in the country music industry since her first album in 1993. The success of Twain’s album, “Up!,” made her the only artist in history to have three consecutive “diamond” (10 times platinum) albums. Proof of her appeal also came earlier this year with Coty’s launch of her signature scent, Shania by Stetson.

  8. Queen Latifah
    Celebrity likability: 31 percent
    “Queen Latifah is appealing to a bigger fan base these days because of her crossover from music into acting,” said Jenkins. She starred this year in “Beauty Shop” as a hairstylist who opens her own business, and she’ll lend her voice to “Ice Age 2: The Meltdown,” due out next year. Latifah has also worked her way into modeling: A Cover Girl spokeswoman since 2001, she is helping to launch the “Queen” makeup line in 18 cities in January. Latifah also expanded her role in the world of lingerie this year as a creative consultant for the Curvation brand at VF Intimates, for which she has been a spokeswoman since 2002. For the first time, her image will appear on Curvation packaging and point-of-sale materials.
  9. Reba McEntire
    Celebrity likability: 30 percent
    Reba McEntire also has made her own crossover, from country music into television. Her show, “Reba,” on the WB, premiered in October 2001 and is still going strong. “Having her own TV show definitely raises the awareness level,” said Jenkins. “This is another classic case where the star has gained new fans but hasn’t lost her original fan base: those who love her country music.” McEntire broke into the fashion world this year as well with the launch of her Reba line of women’s wear, exclusive to Dillard’s.
  10. Jennifer Aniston
    Celebrity likability: 30 percent
    “This is a very high ranking for Aniston,” Jenkins pointed out. “She’s very popular, but she has undergone a number of changes over the past year.” Her divorce from megastar Brad Pitt was all over the news this year, and she is still considered to be in a transition period, as she moves from the TV screen to the big screen. “But don’t be fooled: This is star power we’re talking about here,” Jenkins said. Aniston has worked the talk show circuit as of late, promoting her slew of films at the box office, including “Derailed” and “Rumor Has It.” Scheduled for a 2006 release is a film with rumored beau Vince Vaughn, called “The Break Up.”
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