GALLIANO ON TV: This week on Charlie Rose — John Galliano, for the full hour.

The designer’s attempted rehabilitation is well under way, with a lengthy profile in June’s Vanity Fair already on newsstands. WWD reported last month Galliano’s camp was also considering broadcast television, which he’d never done in the U.S., to coincide with the story.

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He’ll be taping, on his own, with Rose on Wednesday for an hour with an air date yet to be determined, a spokeswoman for the designer said.

Galliano has a high-profile supporter to thank for the sit-down — Oscar de la Renta, who had previously opened up his studio to the troubled designer.

“Charlie Rose has a very close relationship with Oscar,” said Liz Rosenberg, Galliano’s publicist. “Oscar had been talking to John about the possibility of doing an interview with Charlie.”

Rosenberg appreciated the format of Rose’s show: no breaks, no commercials, just one darkened chamber, her client going mano a mano with a host with an appreciative ear.

“It seemed like a good platform for John to get his story across,” Rosenberg said. De la Renta himself has appeared once on the show, in 1998, while other designers, like Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford, have logged multiple appearances.

Rose may not at first seem like the most natural venue for an embattled figure to come clean about past misdeeds, but Galliano is joining a string of personalities, mainly from the worlds of finance and politics, who’ve sat across from Rose to deal with a spate of bad press. Lloyd Blankfein, Steven Rattner, even Jeff Zucker at the height of the Jay Leno-Conan O’Brien late-night wars, have all made Rose a required stop on their public relations offensive — though, granted, they were not rallying from as low a point as Galliano.

Yvette Vega, the executive producer of the show, said the air date and length of the interview will be determined after taping ends Wednesday.

News outlets are still interested in face time with Galliano, Rose and Vanity Fair interviews notwithstanding, and his camp is still weighing their options, including the possibility of interviews in Europe. But Rosenberg said no definitive decisions have been made about future appearances.