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The Geoffrey Beene Foundation is using the star power of its ambassador, actor Kellan Lutz, to get the word out about its newest campaign.

Called Frame This…Revelations, the campaign is intended to bring heightened awareness to the need to fund cancer research, the primary goal of the foundation named after the late fashion designer.

It was the brainchild of Mara Hutton, executive vice president of the Geoffrey Beene Foundation, and wife of its sole trustee and president, G. Thompson “Tom” Hutton. Its novel approach is to work with artists who are battling cancer or caring for a loved one with the disease.

“Images speak beyond words,” Mara Hutton said. “The artist’s revelation is powerful because it reflects the truth and underscores the need for people globally to look at the truth and support new cancer research to help save lives, hopefully ending human misery from this despicable disease.”

The foundation is hoping that people will be inspired enough to help advance the cause. “If the artwork speaks to them, we’re hoping they donate,” she said. The money goes directly to the Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

The group is also working to “put greater pressure on private enterprise and elected officials to provide greater funding for cancer research,” Mara Hutton said.

The first artist featured is abstract painter Kym Rampa, who has a rare form of uterine cancer. The foundation is soliciting other artists to be part of the campaign by visiting the organization’s web site and applying.

Tom Hutton said since the Geoffrey Beene Foundation was established in 2006, it has donated some $160 million to the cause. He said that 74 percent of the research at the center has “proven efficacy,” a medical term for being successful.

Lutz, along with the Huttons and Rampa, hosted a luncheon in New York on Wednesday to raise awareness for the campaign. He is also appearing on some television programs to discuss the initiative.

“I lost my uncle and grandmother to cancer,” Lutz said, welling up when telling the story of their fight. “There are still far too many people all over the world dying from this insidious disease. We have to bring it back to a truly human place and shine a light on what it’s like to live with this diagnosis or care for someone with cancer.”

Lutz is the face of the Geoffrey Beene and appears in the company’s A Man on a Mission campaign to raise awareness of the brand’s corporate structure that donates 100 percent of the company’s net profits to cancer research.

As a result of its mission to fund research, Tom Hutton said the organization is no longer associated with the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund. Although it had donated more than $5 million toward scholarships for students studying fashion over the past decade or so, he believes that the money is better spent funding cancer research and so he resigned from the board earlier this year.

The Revelations campaign is now live on the Geoffrey Beene Foundation web site.

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