Gianluca Isaia

MILAN — Gianluca Isaia is one of the four protagonists of Alfa Romeo‘s digital advertising campaign conceived for the launch of the Italian automotive company’s new Stelvio SUV. The campaign will launch in September.

“It was such an hour to be asked by Alfa Romeo to be part of this project and I immediately agreed to join them in this adventure,” said Isaia, who is the chief executive officer of the Neapolitan family-owned tailoring company Isaia.  “Reading a book about the company I also found out that Alfa Romeo was first founded in Naples, my own city. So the joy to be part of this is even bigger.”

In the short movie, which was filmed between the Alfa Romeo test racetrack in Arese, close to Milan, and the Isaia Milanese flagship in the Golden Triangle shopping district, Isaia talks about himself, his history and his personal experience in the fashion industry.

“I think that the major link between Alfa Romeo and Isaia is the great creativity characterizing our companies,” said Isaia. “But also the passion which made both able to pass along our businesses through generations.”

Isaia will appear in a short movie, which will be available on Alfa Romeo’s web site and social media accounts. The campaign is also fronted by music producer Giorgio Moroder, Michelin-starred chef Antonia Klugmann and former volleyball player Andrea Zorzi. The choice of these individuals is in keeping with the concept behind the campaign, which aims to exalt the importance of using one’s hands to build a successful career.

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