IT’S GONNA BE BIG: During Banksy’s monthlong “Better Out Than In” project, his graffiti-seeking fans could dial up the phone number the artist tagged on the side of a delivery truck to track down his graffiti. And the phoner trend lives on, thanks to the Brooklyn-based magazine Gigantic, which has set up a hotline of sorts for the release of its fifth issue, aptly named Gigantic Talk. Readers who dial 917-719-2166 can catch readings from such contributors as Marie-Helene Bertino, the poet known as Sparrow, and Anna Wiener. The idea adds up since this edition is dubbed “Gigantic talk.”

Ironically, the Nov. 2 launch party — held at The Silent Barn in Bushwick — was anything but quiet. Gigantic writers shared the spoken word, Bluntfang rapped and there were sets from DJ Chipotle — a duo made up by Thu Tran of IFC’s “Food Party” and Babycakes game developer Syed Salahuddin.

Gigantic editors James Yeh and Lincoln Michel helped keep the music going but once the party was over — it was back to the books for some. “Gigantic Worlds,” an anthology of slash science fiction featuring pieces by Lynne Tillman, Jonathan Lethem, JG Ballard, Matt Bell and others, will be Gigantic’s first book. Bertino’s debut novel “2AM at the Cat’s Pajamas” is due out next year by Random House’s Crown label and Yeh is crafting his first novel. “When people ask, I tell people it’s about a young man and his problems,” he said. “If they ask if it’s about me, depending on my mood, I might laugh.”

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