FASHION FRAMES: Giorgio Armani partnered with the BFI London Film Festival to premiere four short films in London on Monday. The preview, hosted by Helen Mirren and Roberta Armani, highlighted the short movies created by four international film schools, featuring eyewear from the Giorgio Armani Frames of Life collection.

Films of City Frames is an initiative that supports emerging cinematic talent. In this edition, participating schools include Scuola Holden in Italy; Academia Internacional de Cinema in Brazil; Sydney Film School in Australia; and Seoul Institute of the Arts in Korea. Glasses play a central role in all of the films, which are about love, family and friendship.

“There’s no cynicism in these films — and I love that. It’s so nice to see just simple human emotions put out there in a simple and beautiful way,” Mirren said during a panel discussion following the screening.

Mirren also told the filmmakers to let go and be open to ideas. “I think, very often, young filmmakers feel that it’s all about control, but in many ways it is all about letting go of control and allowing people to create within their own space. I’m not just talking about actors. I’m talking about production, editors, all of that amazing team of artists who go to making the film and it’s the ability to keep a hold of your vision, which is incredibly important, but also to have the ability to let go of control when it is in your interest.

“The best filmmakers I’ve worked with have always been open to other people’s ideas and it doesn’t matter where the idea come from — it can come from the caterer, it can come from the guy who drives the honey wagon, it can come from anyone on the set, but a good director recognizes a good idea and listens to it,” she said.

While this is the first time Giorgio Armani has teamed with BFI London Festival it is the second edition of the Films of City Frames initiative. The first was done in conjunction with Toronto Film Festival last year.

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