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WWD Scoop issue 03/24/2008

Shannon Lucio, 27, first appeared on the pop culture radar in 2004 as Ryan’s flame-haired paramour Lindsay on The O.C. Since then, the University of Southern California theater drama grad has made her move toward the big screen, appearing in feature films like the adaptation of Charles Baxter’s 2000 novel Feast of Love. In her latest flick, this spring’s Fireflies in the Garden, she plays the progeny of another fetching redhead, Julia Roberts.

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WORDS OF WISDOM: When she arrived on the set of Fireflies, which co-stars Willem Dafoe, Emily Watson and Carrie-Anne Moss, the Texas native thought, “I have to prove myself to these people. The producers wanted a name at first, but the director wanted to take a chance on me.”

O.C. 411:
“I remember the first time I was recognized in public: These young girls at the mall were running after me screaming, ‘Lindsay! How could you do that to Ryan?’ That’s when I realized people don’t really separate actors and the characters they play on TV.” Since then, she has been wary of taking on more high school roles—especially now that she’s nearing 30.

SILVER LINING: During the writers’ strike, she and two fellow USC alums produced a short film called Welcome to New York, about a young woman’s first trip to the Big Apple, which she also stars in. “The strike made me realize, what am I doing waiting for people to offer me a job? I need to create my own. Producing takes a lot of the stress off of acting because there’s so much else to do. But I have no desire to direct.”

HOOPS GIRL: A true hometown fan, Lucio says, “I am obsessed with the [San Antonio] Spurs. Especially Manu Ginobili.”  

“I’m such an old lady when it comes to dresses. I don’t like to show a lot of skin. I like Old Hollywood looks, but my everyday uniform is Converse, my vintage corduroy blazer and Calvin Klein jeans.”

UP NEXT: The Oaks, a high-concept drama for Fox about three young families who have occupied the same (possibly haunted) house over three different generations/eras.