Cindi Leive chats with Chelsea Clinton, Lena Dunham and America Ferrera.

PHILADELPHIA — In the midst of Hillary Clinton’s roll call vote to become the Democratic nominee for president Tuesday, Glamour and Facebook pulled off a slick event that had echoes of a glossy cocktail party during New York Fashion Week.

The event, which took place in Facebook’s spacious lounge inside the Wells Fargo Center, the site of the Democratic National Convention, welcomed VIPs and press, who came to see Glamour editor in chief Cindi Leive interview Chelsea Clinton, Lena Dunham and America Ferrera.

Before and after the 25-minute panel discussion, guests were invited to grab a drink at the bar, watch a short virtual reality film on the Oculus or get makeup and hair touch-ups in an area dubbed the “Glambar.”

Leive asked the pro-Hillary panel about Republican nominee Donald Trump and the tenor of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last week, as well as the historic nature of potentially electing the first female president.

“The Republicans know they’re not ready for a debate or conversation about what our most pressing challenges are,” said Chelsea Clinton, who noted that the “rhetoric” against her mother has “gotten worse.”

Leive brought up the chants of “Lock her up,” during the RNC, which rubbed Clinton supporters and media types, alike, the wrong way. The editor also asked about Trump’s insulting tweets, in which he calls Clinton, “Crooked Hillary.”

“Well, he’s already called me a B-lister with no mojo. So what’s coming next?” deadpanned “Girls” co-creator and actress Dunham.

Ferrera, who has also been a staunch Clinton supporter since her run for president in 2008, added: “He’s talked a lot about America. He keeps trying to make me great again. I don’t know why. I’ve been pretty great for years now. No, luckily I haven’t been the target of any of his tweets.”

Leive concluded the panel asking about the “landmark moment” of potentially electing the first female president.

“We’re not only so lucky to be facing this moment when a woman can be a candidate for President of the United States, we’re so lucky that it is this woman,” Dunham said.

Ferrera echoed that sentiment, adding: “None of us have to be the first again. Now our daughters will never know or have to know why that’s a special thing.”

Admitting her “bias” for her mother, Clinton expanded on the symbolism of having a female president.

“I’m just really proud that little girls will be able to redirect their imaginations in other ways because my mother will have broken down this barrier and I hope in November breaks through the hardest, highest glass ceiling in this country,” she said.

Following the panel, guests were treated to a performance by dance troupe Syncopated Ladies. Dressed in brightly colored pantsuits, which were bought by Glamour, the seven-person group closed out the event tap dancing to Beyoncé’s  girl-power anthem: “Run the World (Girls).”

Syncopated Ladies

Syncopated Ladies  Getty Images for Glamour