Some would call it an unfortunate night for Glamour and Lane Bryant to host a dinner to fete their partnership just hours after Amy Schumer blasted the women’s magazine over her inclusion in its special plus-size issue.

Glamour editor in chief Cindi Leive, who had taken to Twitter to apologize to Schumer and to underscore the title’s message of empowering women, naturally didn’t want to dwell much on incident. Schumer wrote on Instagram that she was neither plus size nor made aware that she would be included in the special issue. Glamour had published repurposed content from a Schumer Q&A penned by her sister, Kim Caramele, on her work and body image, which the magazine dubbed “inspirational.”

“That was hours ago,” Leive said with a grin as she entered private space at 11 Howard in New York for the celebratory dinner. Not really — on Wednesday, several morning shows picked up on Schumer’s tiff with Glamour.

While there was a lot of banter during the dinner about the Schumer incident — most of which was off the record — the tenor of the night was a thoughtful one. Leive indicated she would write about body image and, although it wasn’t overtly stated, she’ll likely draw from this experience.

Glamour chief revenue officer and publisher Connie Anne Phillips was more forthright with her views.

“What incredible conversation did we start?” Phillips said, clearly in the “I see the glass half-full” camp, as she underscored the “optimism, confidence and female empowerment” at the heart of the deal she helped put together with Lane Bryant.

Linda Heasley, Lane Bryant’s chief executive officer, also placed veiled references about the Schumer controversy, focusing less on the fact that the comedian wasn’t made aware she’d be included in the issue and more on the notion that women should “disabuse the ideas about what the perfect body is all about.”

“I think today has played out in a very interesting way and it speaks volumes about why we are here,” Heasley said before guests including plus-size models Iskra Lawrence, Candice Huffine and Georgia Pratt arrived.

Heasley, who has been on a mission to make Lane Bryant more about fashion than size, left the event early to film a spot for CBS on Schumer-gate that was due to appear today.

For Schumer’s part, she responded to the media stir with a short video of her on the beach in a bikini flying a kite with the message: “Bottom line seems to be we are done with these unnecessary labels which seem to be reserved for women.”

That at least is something Glamour, Lane Bryant and Schumer agree on.