CLICKABLE CAMPAIGN STOP: Brexit demonstrated how important young voters — or the lack of them — is to a political outcome. Hillary Clinton is trying to counter ballot-box indifference by engaging social media influencers whom Millennials seem to trust more than political bigwigs. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee teamed up with Beautycon Media to bring around 100 content creators to a Town Hall in Los Angeles’ NeueHouse on Tuesday afternoon at which Clinton will field questions relevant to the largest living generation. Among those expected to attend are Jordyn Woods, Lucas Cruikshank, Cassey Ho, Angel Merino, Stephanie Villa, Mia Stammer, Chriselle Lim, Peyton List and Jackie Hernandez. Many are soliciting question ideas from their fans using #creatorsaskHRC on social media networks, and suggestions are pouring in about everything from poverty to gay rights. The event will be live-streamed at

Social media influencers have certainly become prominent in commerce, but they’re increasingly relevant on the world stage as well as leaders attempt to broaden their demographic reaches. In January, YouTubers Ingrid Nilsen, Dustin Sandlin and sWooZie interviewed President Obama following the State of the Union address on topics such as cancer cures, community policing, terrorism and the so-called tampon tax. Last month, Pope Francis met with 12 beauty vloggers from six continents, including Dulce Candy from the U.S., the U.K.’s Louise Pentland and Hayla Ghazal, a Syrian living in Dubai.