Demographics Pro has the answer to a question often posed outside of the New York media bubble: “Who reads Gawker?”

Hillary Clinton supporters, apparently.

According to a study from the data agency, which measured social media habits of political supporters, Clinton followers are 18.5 times more likely than average to read Gawker and 19.5 times more likely than the Twitter average to read sister site Jezebel. Clinton Twitter followers also are 18.5 times more likely to read Politico, the report said.

Bernie Sanders followers flock to Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight site and the slightly more obscure science blog the Nerdist at 21 times and 23 times the Twitter average, respectively.

Turning to the Republicans, it may come as little surprise, but their followers, specifically those of Ted Cruz and John Kasich, read the Drudge Report, the National Review and The Weekly Standard more than the average social media user. The rate of consumption for Drudge is 136.5 times higher for Cruz and 132 times more for Kasich.

The mercurial Donald Trump follower, like the presidential candidate, isn’t toeing the conservative line. Trump followers read a Web site called Men’s Humor 11.9 times more than the average Twitter user. (It’s unclear who else reads Men’s Humor, which dubs itself “a Web site full of humor, hot girls, funny videos and more. What else could a guy ask for?”)

Like the business-minded candidate, Trump followers also check out CNBC at 13.3 times the average and Time Inc.’s Fortune at 16.2 times the average.

WWD reached out to Demographics Pro for more insight on how they collect information.

A spokesman from the site said the sample size used for each analysis was a minimum of 50,000. He added that the company’s methodology is “data-centric” and it uses algorithms to infer “likely demographic characteristics about 300 million” media consumers.

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