Annemarie Frank

Personalization is key.

That was the message presented by Annemarie Frank, vice president of omnichannel marketing at HSN, during her presentation, “How HSN is Using Customer Data to Personalize the Cross-Channel Experience.”

“Our mission at HSN is to deliver the joy and excitement of new discoveries every single day,” Frank said. “We have to inspire her with new brands, new ideas and new experiences all the time.” Among the company’s roster of brands: Aldo, Betsey Johnson, Jessica Simpson, G by Giuliana, NYDJ, Serena Williams, Sam Edelman, Steve Madden and Melissa McCarthy.

Frank noted that the company has moved from “channel or product specific” in their marketing initiatives to more focused on the “customer’s life cycle” and “customer journey.” A major goal of this shift is to build loyalty amongst HSN’s customers, which Frank notes are 90 percent female, aged 35 and above. “Companies are homing in on loyalty again,” she said. “We lost our way as marketers in the last few years, and this is now the hot new thing again. It’s all driven by data….This is something we never had before. Before, it was emotional based, like, ‘hey, that’s a cool idea.’ But now, we’re actually talking through data and through our CRM and analytics teams. They are feeding us almost a cheat sheet.”

To continue to build and boost customer satisfaction, HSN has enacted a six-point plan, which has been in place for more than two years — its path to personalization. Those six steps are: build an organization around customer centricity; create a single view of the customer; create differentiated customer segments; create personalized and relevant offers to customers; enable real-time customer engagement, and embed insights across other areas of company.

Frank noted that the team is in the midst of the fifth and sixth steps. “We’re going to a one-to-one [strategy],” she said. “What we’re doing is shifting from a predetermined way of targeting customers to doing it real-time, and in the moment.”

One such way to do so: provide different areas of personalized content across mobile, tablet and desktop. “There are 30 zones in our customers’ experience where [they] can see a message tailored to her, compared to someone else,” Frank said. “We started the year off with one zone, we moved up to five, and now we’re up to 30. We will probably ramp this up in the middle of next year.”

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