Yahoo View

Yahoo is working to increasingly become a TV-watching destination.

Yahoo, which was just recently acquired by Verizon for $4.83 billion, on Monday unveiled a site that will offer TV shows and provide additional related content through Tumblr.

The site is called Yahoo View and offers free full-length episodes of premium TV shows, anime and Korean drama, as well as movies and TV clips. Hulu revealed it would stop offering free, ad-supported content; going forward, that content will instead appear on Yahoo View.

The videos on Yahoo View will still include ads supplied by Hulu. Yahoo might include its own ads on the site in the future, and although there is revenue-sharing from the TV ads supplied by Hulu, Yahoo declined to go into specifics.

This is the first major product unveiled under Yahoo vice president of lifestyles product Jess Lee. She got the title after Yahoo acquired fashion discovery engine Polyvore, where Lee was chief executive officer.

In an interview, Lee said video continued to be a major element of Yahoo’s strategy, which includes mobile, video, native advertising and social; ceo Marissa Mayer coined it “mavens.”

Lee referred to the new product as a “community TV-watching site,” as it pulls in additional content from Yahoo-owned Tumblr, such as the TV show’s official Tumblr page and fan-created content. The main video docks at the top of the site while the user can browse additional Tumblr content. The Korean content, for example, is popular online and has a highly engaged audience, Lee said.

Going forward, Yahoo View will could eventually share content from Yahoo’s properties, which have video content on sports, news, finance and lifestyle, she said. These are what’s left of Yahoo’s digital magazines, which have been merged or shuttered as part of the web site’s simplification process.

For now, Yahoo View is only available in the United States on desktop browsers, but Lee said a mobile version is in the works.

Since moving over to Yahoo, Lee said Polyvore, which remained as a separate platform, was doing well. She said the brand has been adding some features — such as contests and groups – to the mobile app, in addition to adding men’s wear earlier this year.

She also said the monetization part of Polyvore — such as when a user sees a shoe available at Nordstrom and clicks through to buy directly at the retailer — has expanded beyond Polyvore to other parts of Yahoo, such as Yahoo Style.

In July, Verizon bought Yahoo as part of its aims to become a major media company. It also now owns AOL, and has stated intent to become a mobile-media business with an audience of two billion users and $20 billion in revenue by 2020.

Chief revenue officer Lisa Utzschneider said recently Yahoo has “a focused strategy to bring the best short-form and live programming to our users, and opportunities for our advertisers.”

According to Utzschneider, video viewers on Yahoo are consuming 55 percent more videos and spending 85 percent more time with this content on average. Yahoo produced 54 percent more video in 2015 than in 2014, and has produced more than 8,000 segments. These include news segments from Yahoo global news anchor Katie Couric, finance and tech content from David Pogue, live-streaming sporting events and style content from Joe Zee.