FRENCH I-D: When i-D France’s Web site goes live on Sept. 21, in French, it will launch with around 80 stories and videos, with some translated from other versions of i-D, and the rest of the content produced by the team in France.

“Around 30 percent of the content will be produced by us and 70 percent coming from translation. Down the road, we are hoping to reach half of the content produced by us,” said Clément Corraze, i-D’s France director.

The magazine has other international Web sites including in Mexico, Poland, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. The French team plans to post five fresh stories every day.

Stories will include a profile of Clara 3000, a muse to buzzy fashion label Vetements, and an interview with stylist and editor Carine Roitfeld on how she sees France’s role in fashion today, to be published on day one of Paris Fashion Week.

“We are also shooting a video directed by Cyprien Clément-Delmas that will go up after Paris collections. The idea with this clip is to show what young people are up to in Paris,” Corraze said, adding i-D France will spotlight the bustling Paris scene of young designers including the Vetements team, the new Courrèges duo, Etienne Derœux and Léa Peckre.

The team is plotting a launch party set for early November. “We don’t want to arrive with fanfare. We want to come in step by step,” he added.

I-D was acquired by Vice Media in 2012. The i-D staff in Paris, based in Vice Media offices in the French capital, is composed of Corraze, 33, previously executive director at independent fashion magazine Antidote, and France editor Tess Lochanski, 26, previously fashion features editor at L’Obs and its lifestyle supplement O, and three junior reporters.

Vice launched its food-focused channel Munchies in France May. It’s understood that the media firm is mulling versions of its women-focused channel Broadly and its new lifestyle channel Amuse in the country.

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