New York magazine’s Ian Adelman, one of the hottest hands in digital design, has been poached by The New York Times to oversee the look and feel of the newspaper’s website. Adelman replaces Khoi Vinh as digital design director, an all-important position as The Times readies its pay wall. The position has sat empty since Vinh resigned in July to pursue freelance work.


In a memo to the New York staff this morning, editor-in-chief Adam Moss and online editorial director Ben Williams recalled that when Adelman arrived at the magazine in 2006, there was only one web designer and one web site. “Clearly, things have changed since then,” they wrote. They added that Adelman has been “singularly brilliant” throughout his tenure at the magazine as design and user experience director.


Adelman was a founding art director at Slate in 90s and also a consultant to Tina Brown in the nascent stages of The Daily Beast while he was at New York. He said his work for the magazine was the “best job I’ve ever had.”


“Just as New York was a place that attracted me because it was a fantastic product that I was drawn to and read cover to cover, The New York Times is my source of news,” Adelman said over the phone Friday afternoon. “It’s always fantastic to contribute something that you feel part of or some attachment to.” He will leave the magazine after the third week in March.

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