IMAN BRINGS “AGELESS CHIC” TO YAHOO STYLE: Iman never would have created her Ageless Chic franchise — a blog on her Web site and, as of this week, a video series on Yahoo Style — if she hadn’t injured her foot and had surgery last summer.

That spawned a bedridden Iman’s quest for shoes and outfits she could wear once she was on her feet again. She had a hard time finding fashion that catered to women her age — she is “gingerly approaching 60” — so she decided to create a venue to explore the topic herself.

Iman will make 10 episodes with Joe Zee, Yahoo Style’s editor in chief and executive creative officer, and talk about spring fashion and beauty, especially skincare and how to “to look really, really healthy, and have glowing skin without the tanning.”

“There is this idea of comfort,” Iman said. “Comfort on a young girl looks like she didn’t try — but it looks sloppy at a certain age, like you gave up.” She cited the athleisure trend that’s taken the retail market by storm and “the love that the Americans have for comfort clothes” but insisted that at a certain age this trend doesn’t do any favors for anyone.

“Everyone tells me to wear a white sneaker — but I would look like a nerd,” she said.

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