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A new report quantifies just how much the coronavirus is impacting influencers’ bottom lines.

U.K.-based digital performance agency Attain analyzed data from more than 500 Instagram influencers, ranging from nanos to supers. Attain found that 65 percent of influencers have posted less sponsored content in the eight weeks starting March 12 in comparison to the eight weeks prior. That dip in sponsored content has resulted in an average loss of $20,537 in potential earnings.

About 10 percent of influencers said their earnings had completely disappeared, according to the report.

While two-thirds of influencers posted less sponsored content in March and April than they did in 2019, nearly 25 percent said they posted more content. About 13 percent said they weren’t able to continue paid posts.

The report also stated that a single follower is currently worth about $0.00387.

Attain found that Instagram influencers are losing, on average, 33 percent of their potential earnings to the coronavirus — or about $3,100 a week. That number reflects a WWD report from April, in which James Nord, founder and chief executive officer of Fohr, said he had been advising influencers to expect to make 30 percent less this year than last.

Attain’s report states that influencers of all sizes are taking a hit to their earnings, but those with 100,000 followers or less are disproportionately impacted. Of those with fewer than 100,000 followers, 72 percent said they are now earning less, and 16 percent said they are actually earning more. By contrast, 55 percent of influencers with 3 million or more followers reported earning less, while 30 percent said they are now earning more.

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