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REPEAT PERFORMERS: For the third consecutive season, Daniel Jackson has shot the J. Mendel advertising campaign which will once again feature Dutch model Bette Franke as styled by Melanie Ward. Meant to be a study in texture, Franke is pictured in an assortment of coats, elegant gowns, and a black leather V-neck dress worn with a bodyhugging biker jacket. As a nod to the company’s fur heritage, she was also shot wearing a black and white mink coat and to play up the label’s new handbags, she carries such pieces as a gray silver fox Bugatti bag.

Creative director Gilles Mendel said, “There’s a certain clarity in his work, which I love. He knows how to enhance the cool modernity of the collection, while conveying the extreme sophistication and feminine glamour that are at the essence of J. Mendel.”

Cooling his heels while Franke was being polished up, Mendel styled furs and bags on his daughter Chloe, who started working this summer as a design assistant. She is a familiar face in the atelier, as is her brother Sacha, who started visiting their father at work when they were children. At the age of eight, she walked in his first runway show with Karolina Kurkova. And apparently Mendel’s newest hire is a quick study in the school of loaners — she borrowed a fur to wear to dinner at Nick Kim’s Neta with her father — who no doubt could offer where-to-find-it info to any prospective shoppers.

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