As Anand Jon awaits trial on charges of rape and sexual assault of two dozen young models, the bravado of the onetime fashion designer and gossip column fixture has faded. Jon wrote in a jailhouse letter to Sharon Waxman, who reports on the case in the August issue of Los Angeles magazine, “There is a possibility I may not survive this ordeal.” To get through the horrors of lockup, including solitary confinement — “I have not seen the sky in months — six, maybe seven” — and inmate hazing, Jon wrote: “Yoga, meditation, and the love of my family and God have sustained me as I grapple with blankets that have blood stains dried in tie-dyed patterns and battle nocturnal visits from entities that include, but are not limited to, rodents and insects (that I have not even seen in the jungles of India!). How much of it is my imagination? I’m not really sure. But the whole thing feels like a Stephen King novel turned into a movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan.” Jon, who at one time bounced around New York’s social scene with the likes of Paris Hilton, Lydia Hearst and Michelle Rodriguez, stands accused in New York, Texas and California of improper sexual contact with 28 women as young as their midteens between 2001 and 2007. He has spent a year in jail pending his upcoming trial in Los Angeles, which begins next month. Jon maintains his innocence. His letter is posted on in its entirety.

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