Kanye West

Kanye West is continuing his 2020 presidential campaign with a new political ad in Friday’s New York Times.

The rapper and fashion designer-turned-politician wrote an open letter in a poem format for potential voters titled “Dear Future.”

“Dear Future, I still believe in you,” he wrote. “We still believe in you. Even in our darkest moments, we believe.”

West goes on to reference faith and families, much like he did in his first presidential campaign video released on Oct. 12, where he stressed that prayer will help build a better country.

“Our future holds a better America,” he continued. “In our future, we will H.E.A.L. Hold Everyone Accountable to Love.”

He then explained that the future he envisions will offer safety to families, a “secure plan that values every stage of life,” an equal justice system, an equal education system and a future “free from debt, shame, guilt, worry, stress, war, greed, hate, misuse of power, prejudices, manipulation and discrimination.”

West officially announced his long-shot presidential campaign on July 4. While West is not on every state’s ballot, he called on his supporters to write in his name through his first campaign video.

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