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CUT AND PASTE: Explaining the impulse behind Chanel’s fall campaign — all with dizzying, color-drenched collage backgrounds — Karl Lagerfeld mused: “I was tired of a girl holding a bag.”

Amen to that.

“I wanted to have another approach for the ad, and for Chanel’s image,” the designer told WWD. “I wanted to make collages. I love collages and I thought the collection was really suitable for collages. I wanted to do something else that we have never done before. It is not an artistic research. It is an inspiration without roots — spontaneous. And making collages with a computer was impossible before.”

Slated to break this week in the U.S., the ads depict models Mariacarla Boscono and Sarah Brannon silhouetted — and often in multiples, like fictional characters — against quirky and colorful collages mixing up camellias, emoticons, pearls and various textured surfaces.

In fact, the ads are so visually dynamic, you can barely notice that occasionally, one of the girls is left holding a bag, the Boy Chanel.

Carine Roitfeld styled the shoot, with Tom Pecheux doing the makeup and Sam McKnight the hair.