MONEY PIT?: Karl Lagerfeld has weighed in on the Greek debt crisis with his inimitable wry humor — and a penchant for citing Greek mythology in his political illustrations. In his latest “Karlikatur” for Frankfurter Allgemeine’s weekend magazine, Lagerfeld depicts German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund — both wearing dour expressions — dumping coins into a wooden barrel that is stood on a classic column.

The scenario alludes to the case of the Danaides, the daughters of Danaus who were condemned to pour water forever into a leaky vessel for having murdered their husbands. Depicted in many paintings, the women came to represent the futility of a repetitive task that can never be completed. Lagerfeld’s handwritten caption delivers the punch line: “The barrel of the Danaides: A Greek invention!”

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