Karolina Kurkova looked effortless on the Met Gala red carpet, but getting ready isn’t a simple task.  The model took to Flipagram to share the whole process.  From makeup to shoes, followers got a glimpse into her preparation for fashion’s biggest party. Here, she shares some of her favorite moments.

On her Tommy Hilfiger Dress:  Tommy isn’t a couture evening wear designer, so that’s where it was fun—we didn’t have to live up to something. He really gave me the freedom and space to create, Last year I went big, bold, and kind of long, so I wanted to do something different. It has to be the perfect marriage of something that people at home will understand, but of course have that fashion-forward touch. This is the Met Ball, when you can create something spectacular and wear anything and everything. Tommy said, ‘I really think you should do red—red on a blond is such a powerful statement.’ Tommy saw the dress for the first time that night, as he has been traveling in Europe.

On her Giuseppe shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti produced six pairs for me to choose from—when it comes to the Met Ball, everyone likes to have options.
On prep: I visited the Manhattan-based skin guru Gerogia Louise for a circulation-boosting and de-puffing facial. The muscles in your face are just like those in your body—you have to work them out. I can feel the difference right away when she works with her hands. Then I secured the best pedicurist in town.

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