If you type in KateSpadeNewYork.com, you get to MichaelKors.com.

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS: Kate Spade & Co. and Michael Kors may be competitors in the accessories arena, but when it comes to their web sites, they’re as close as can be. If one enters katespadenewyork.com into their browser, he or she is directed to michaelkors.com. WWD tried several times, and most of the time, the search was directed to michaelkors.com, but a few times it was directed to macys.com.

A spokeswoman for Kate Spade & Co. — whose Web site is katespade.com — had  no comment, and a spokesman for Michael Kors said that Kors does not own that domain name.

A source told WWD that Kate Spade & Co. doesn’t own the URL katespadenewyork.com, and users are directed to a variety of web sites, such as michaelkors.com, bloomingdales.com, macys.com and lenox.com — Lenox being Kate Spade’s tabletop licensee.

For now, if you want Kate Spade, go to katespade.com, but if you want michaelkors.com or Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s, you can try those or katespadenewyork.com.