Before bracing the masses downstairs at Macy’s Herald Square, Kelly Ripa chatted about her new signature home collection Wednesday night. After Terry J. Lundgren ducked out of the c-suite for a quick hello, ABC’s “Live With Kelly” morning talk show host was game for a few questions.

WWD: How much time do you actually get to spend at home, given your work schedule and business deals?
Kelly Ripa: I work from home most of the time, except when I’m on-air. We have design meetings at home. I take great comfort in my house. It’s sort of my favorite place to be. It’s made for a lot of people to congregate and live together. My husband [Mark Consuelos] and I have three children so we frequently have all of the cousins and his parents and my parents…so it’s made for people. It’s a comfy spot.

WWD: What are some of your favorite items in the new home collection?
K.R.: I wore an Erdem dress to a design meeting with Macy’s. When they asked what I liked, I said, “I like this dress.” Now there’s bedding called Magnolia that I really gravitate towards. It’s my favorite. I think the colors are representative of who I am. They pop beautifully on the bed. And I find Magnolia festive, eye-catching and happy. It’s like a happiness fabric. There are things that are moments in time of my life that you’ll see throughout every aspect of the collection. There is a rug that reminds me of a trip we took to Greece.

WWD: Are there any others?
K.R.: There’s also a pressed floral bedding that I love because it reminds me of my wedding dress. It was in a mauve, blush color. I didn’t buy the dress to get married in ever. I still wear it to this day. I love it so much. Pressed floral really reminds me of that time. I find it warm and comforting and lovely. I bought the wedding dress at the Barneys warehouse sale 24 years ago. Like I said, I didn’t buy it to get married in. I bought it because it was so inexpensive. I said, “This is a piece I will wear to death.”

WWD: Do you know which designer made it?
K.R.: I have no idea who makes it. It is so old but I still wear it. I wear it as a beach cover-up now because it’s so well-worn. We took a trip for our 20th anniversary recently. I wore the dress and my husband tried to wear an outfit that was like the outfit he wore. We sort of posed for our wedding photo again.

WWD: Whose dress are you wearing today?
K.R.: This is Mayle. Here’s why I love this dress — number one, I love the color [emerald] and number two, we discovered it doesn’t wrinkle no matter what we do to it. [Speaking to a nearby stylist] We like anything without a side zipper and anything that doesn’t wrinkle. I don’t like a side zipper. You usually zip the side of your body into it.

WWD: Are you talking to Macy’s about doing a clothing collection down the road?
K.R.: It took me such a long time to do this because I don’t like to just do things. I like to be very involved. I’m not a textiles major, but I work with so many textiles majors and I have so many creative people in my life. I’ve had so much inspiration in my life that I feel that now I can actually do it the right way instead of just putting your name on something. If I did clothing, I would want to give it that same amount of focus and right now we would not be able to do that.

WWD: Will you have your own float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?
K.R.: Oh my God — that is an incredible idea. Where’s that suggestion box? One of my kids’ school’s auction items is a seat in the window of their school to watch the parade go by. That would be an amazing thing to have access to.

WWD: Is it true you have a new reality show in the works?
K.R.: We’re working on several docu-series but it’s not about me at all. I’m just producing them with Mark. We’ve had a production company for many years. We started out doing documentary films about sports — believe it or not. That’s how we’ve segued into all of these other aspects. We like producing. We like telling compelling stories. It’s fun. We work well together in a way that I think a lot of husbands and wives probably couldn’t. We’re lucky.

WWD: How far away is the announcement for your cohost on “Live With Kelly”?
K.R.: I have no idea. What we’ve discovered, and we discovered this last time as well, is people love a cohost search. It’s an interesting thing. The audience loves it. They love having a say. They love feeling involved in the process. Until they get bored, we’ll keep doing it. I always like to have a cohost. The idea of getting sick and not having somebody there to fill in makes me absolutely nuts. So I’m hyper-aware about keeping myself healthy. But there’s certainly no rush from the network’s standpoint. Ultimately, they’re the ones that make the decision. I can work with anybody. I just want to get somebody there eventually because the partnership is what the show really is.

WWD: Will it be this year? Can you say who is in the running?
K.R.: I would give you that information because it is not precious information. I don’t know, is the answer. I really don’t know.

WWD: Do you think what happened this spring [with Michael Strahan announcing his plans to join “Good Morning America” without any heads-up] was oversimplified by the media and that it wasn’t just a matter of someone standing up for their career?
K.R.: I don’t think there’s enough paper to actually go through the whole story. I think I said what I had to say and I’ll just leave it at that.