Kendall Jenner as Rosie the Riveter for Rock the Vote campaign

THE KENDALL VOTE: Kendall Jenner has taken to the small screen once again, urging Millennials to vote in the presidential election. In the video, which was produced by Independent Journal Review and Rock the Vote, she’s dressed alternatively as a flower child; in a grunge-era torn T-shirt and jeans, and in a tailored business suit and heels. In a voice-over, she talks about the major elections when young people voted en masse — in the Seventies, Nineties, and in 2008 and 2012.

The YouTube video, released late Monday afternoon, points out that young voter turnout in the early Nineties rose as candidates began to appear in new media, like MTV, while more than 20 million young citizens decided the outcome of the 2008 and 2012 elections, both of which were built on social media campaigns. The video closes with the message: “What happens next is up to you.”

Jenner, who’s already speaking to her generation via The Estée Edit, a makeup line from Estée Lauder that targets selfie-obsessed Millennials, is no stranger to political marketing. In the past, she’s teamed with Independent Journal Review and Rock the Vote on videos where she was dressed as Rosie the Riveter and as a suffragette to drive home her point.

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Political activism runs in the family: Caitlyn Jenner stopped in Cleveland last week to make the case that being transgender and Republican isn’t a conflict of interest. “It was easy to come out as trans, it was hard to come out as Republican,” Jenner said. “I want to help the Republican party in so many ways.”

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The elder Jenner also flew the flag for trans-youth. “I acknowledge that it’s a small voting community,” she said. “But it’s about the next generation coming up. We have to provide a safe environment for them. I’m not giving up on this country. I want this country to thrive….I want jobs for everyone. I want jobs for the trans community. Hopefully, we will all make some positive changes.”