Kris Jenner

Architectural Digest is looking to the Kardashians for a late-year traffic bump.

The Condé Nast-owned glossy released a video in which the Kardashian matriarch, Kris Jenner, opened her home to show off her holiday decorations designed by her friend, celebrity florist Jeff Leatham. His design concept included a trove of life-sized nutcracker statues, an enormous Christmas tree festooned with white lights, oversized striped candy ornaments and lollipops. A large, shiny red polar bear sculpture from Paris completes the look. The candy-themed motif caused Jenner to dub her foyer: “Kandyland Wonderland.”

Jenner brings Architectural Digest into her living room after a tour of the tree, which takes a more muted, all-white theme. The fireplace is adorned with white balls and torso-sized matching fur stockings. Around the fireplace are three mechanical white reindeer that nod slowly — they are without names currently. The progeny of the Kardashian sisters will name them soon, Jenner said.

Moments later, Jenner takes viewers into her dining room to see her table setting, which includes a red plaid theme that reminds her of “Tommy Hilfiger” or “Ralph Lauren.” The plates have snowmen on them, and the table setting includes bouquets of red roses and large gold Christofle eggs that, when opened, have a full set of cutlery. Jenner took a few minutes to talk about the eggs and the pairing of gold and red.

Incidentally, Jenner and her daughter, Khloé Kardashian, are working with Christofle. Over a month ago, Jenner posted an image of her opening the golden egg, with a caption that reads: “#Partner. Can’t wait to set my holiday table with my new gold Mood from @Christofle. #MoodbyChristofle.”

No word on whether Jenner disclosed her relationship with Christofle to Condé Nast, although sources indicated she didn’t.

According to Condé the video was shot in December, along with a second video that the company is releasing Wednesday. A spokeswoman said it was too early to see whether the video had amassed a meaningful traffic bump.

Working with the Kardashians is certainly not a first for Architectural Digest. Earlier this year, Jenner’s daughters Khloé and Kourtney were featured on the cover of the magazine. At the time, the cover was said to ruffle some feathers within the halls of Condé Nast, as artistic director Anna Wintour wasn’t pleased with the styling of the reality stars. Employees buzzed that the cover wasn’t up to snuff and that Margaret Russell, who helmed Architectural Digest at the time, was rumored to be on her way out as a result. Others at the company said Russell was already slated to be succeeded as editor in chief by Wintour’s protégée, Amy Astley, who would officially get Russell’s job in May.