SEAT OF POWER: Karl Lagerfeld applied his wry vision to the upcoming German elections, sketching Chancellor Angela Merkel, vying for her third term, as a queen of Europe. He depicts her seated on a throne with a Euro-topped scepter in her hand and the EU emblem depicted as a clock on the side of the chair. His hand-written caption reads: “What time is it? Still too early?”


The drawing is to appear in this weekend’s lifestyle supplement of the 350,000-circulation newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.


While Lagerfeld claims to be disinterested in elections and such, his crisp insights astonished one of FAZ’s chief editors, Günther Nonnenmacher, who remarked: “He really knows something about politics.”


FAZ’s Alfons Kaiser, who tapped Lagerfeld to do regular “Karlikaturs” for the magazine, notes that the designer is “well known as a fashion star in Germany, but not really known as an artist and caricaturist in the tradition of the pre-war satirical magazine Simplicissimus, which he read as a boy.”

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