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What a difference eight months makes.

Linda Wells held court at the town house of Laura and Harry Slatkin on Manhattan’s Upper East Side on Tuesday night to fete her new chapter in life.

The Slatkins, along with John Demsey and Cornelia Guest, hosted the party for the founding editor in chief of Allure, who was let go from Condé Nast in November amid a company shake up. Since then, Wells has ratcheted up two gigs — as The Cut’s beauty editor at large and as a special contributor to various Hearst titles in a role that will allow her to create a mini beauty magazine of sorts.

“Is that not enough?” Wells said when asked if there were any more projects in the pipeline.

Apparently not.

“I’ve been doing some things with a beauty company and consulting on a big global company that I can’t name that is coming out with its first beauty line — they’ve never had one,” she said.

Asked whether she misses Allure, where she served as editor in chief for 24 years, Wells said, “I loved my job so much and there are parts of it I really miss. What I love about what I’m doing [now] is being out in the world and reporting. It’s really fun to report. It’s like you’re kind of living when you’re reporting. It’s good if you’re a voyeur — I am. But it gets me out and talking to people. I love that engagement.”

Wells noted that she’s still in touch with her former coworkers who departed Allure after incoming editor in chief Michelle Lee put together her team.

“I did a shoot with Paul Cavaco last week,” she said. “He’s doing freelance. He did a shoot today for Italian Vogue and he’s been doing a lot of Michael Kors and he did some W.”

Later, Slatkin gave a toast to Wells, saying: “The thing I’ve always thought about Linda is the beauty of insides. What’s great about Linda is that she is amazingly loyal, amazingly kind, beautiful on the outside, yes, that’s the beauty part, but really a true friend.”

Guests including Linda Fargo, Desiree Gruber, Frédéric Malle, Mark Lee, Dennis Basso, Ivan Bart and Glenda Bailey raised a glass to Wells, who gave a brief, but surprising, speech in return.

“I want to thank Harry and Laura for this beautiful party in this amazing house, which I’m so happy to have moved into the third floor. You didn’t even notice, right?” Wells said, before turning to a “big announcement.”

“I’m pregnant,” she said.

At the mere suggestion of that, the well-mannered crowd froze.

“I’m just kidding,” Wells howled.

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