FAST-FOOD FRACAS: The smell of French-fries typically makes mouths water. It drives others to court. On Wednesday, French daily Libération devoted a full page to the lawsuit brought against the owner of a snack bar in ski village Val-d’Isère, France, by Sir Lindsay Owen-Jones — the retired chairman of L’Oréal — and other apartment owners in a building next door.


At issue is the odor of fries that wafts up to his balcony and apartment, which gives on to the slopes, plus noise and view obstruction, according to the article.


Its headline reads: “Vue sur le snack: Le Sir craque,” which translate into “View on the snack bar, the Sir cracks.”


“I don’t have advice to give Mr. Owen [sic] but, with his financial strength he totally can buy a quiet chalet — there are abundance of them in Val-d’Isère or in other Savoyard valleys, where everything is smooth, white [and] magnificent,” the defendant’s lawyer is quoted as saying.


The case — the fifth of its type since 2008 — opened in a court in Albertville, France, on Tuesday. A decision in the matter is expected on Feb. 24.

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