ANOTHER ONE HEADS TO HUFFPO: Longtime New York Times writer Lisa Belkin is heading to the Huffington Post. She’s the fifth Times staffer in the last year to go to work for Arianna Huffington. Belkin, the author of the Times’ Motherlode blog and go-to parenting writer for the paper for years, gave Times editors notice Wednesday. Her title at the Huffington Post will be senior columnist, and she will write primarily for the recently launched parenting vertical.

“In the past three years, I’ve learned to do something new,” said Belkin, referring to writing on the Web. “And I love doing it. And I discovered I’m not bad at it. What it is that I do now is why the Huffington Post exists — the constant interaction with readers, the feedback. It’s not central to what the Times does. It shouldn’t be. That’s not why the Times exists. But since that I love doing it, I’m going to have an adventure at the place that was designed to do it.”

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Belkin started as a clerk for the Times in 1982 before being promoted to reporter and then a national correspondent. She went on contract and eventually became a writer for the Times Magazine. Earlier this year, as magazine editor Hugo Lindgren relaunched the weekly, he informed Belkin that she wouldn’t be writing much. Was that a reason she decided to jump ship?

“It was truly time for a change,” she said, and added, “Hugo came in and wants his own people and that makes perfect sense.”

For her part, Huffington said, “I’ve been a big fan of Lisa’s for a very long time, and one of the things we want to do is really build our parenting community.”

Belkin joins former Times staffers Tim O’Brien, Peter Goodman and Tom Zeller, who have all jumped to the Huffington Post. Maura Egan also went to HuffPo from the Times before quitting a few months into her new job.

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