ALL IN THE FAMILY: Marie-José Susskind0-Jalou is to step in as editor in chief of L’Officiel. The news comes after the resignation earlier this week of Frédérique Dedet, who has held that role at the magazine since January 2014.

“She’s the best recruit,” said Benjamin Eymère, general manager of L’Officiel’s publisher Les Editions Jalou, referring to his mother.

The appointment is a comeback of sorts, as Susskind-Jalou served as L’Officiel’s editor in chief from 1988 to 2003, prior to becoming the group’s president.

“There’s a need for editorial continuity, as the magazine turns 95. L’Officiel is to celebrate its 95th anniversary with its October issue. We are giving Marie-José a mandate to bring the magazine to its 100th year,” Eymère said.

“We think it’s supercool that she’s 67 [years old] in today’s climate of ‘youthism,'” he added, explaining there’s also value in transmitting savoir faire, particularly in family-owned businesses like with luxury houses.

“She’s both a fashion and a media mogul,” said Emmanuel Rubin, editorial director for Les Editions Jalou and a food critic at Le Figaro. He, in turn, described himself as a “child of the group,” since he started his career at L’Officiel with Susskind-Jalou as his boss.

Susskind-Jalou, who will remain a shareholder of the company, will focus on L’Officiel’s editorial aspects. “I have never left fashion. I taught many people about how to make a magazine. I am interested in spotting new talents. I always have been.”

Dedet, who had just wrapped the May issue, said she will exit Les Editions Jalou this month and is heading to “new adventures.”

The first issue under Susskind-Jalou will be dated September. In the meantime, the magazine’s editorial direction is to be carried out by a team that includes Vanessa Bellugeon, editor in chief of L’Officiel for fashion, and Jennifer Eymère, its creative director. They’re both daughters of Susskind-Jalou. Laure Ambroise, formerly co-editor in chief of sister publication Jalouse, is to become the market editor of both Jalouse and L’Officiel.

Les Editions Jalou has eight titles in France and 47 abroad.