SEEING RED: In the eerily prescient 2008 Pixar movie “Wall-E,” humans could change the color of their outfits with the touch of a button. Christian Louboutin is doing something similar with Louboutinize, an app he’s launching that turns the world red — or crystallized, or hinged on zany legs.

Slated to launch today, the photo-filtering app allows iPhone users to upload or take photos and then turn everything the color of the shoe guru’s signature soles; try on the gams of Dita Von Teese, a soccer stud, or five other fantasy limbs, or imagine the world through the faceted crystal bottle of Louboutin’s nail lacquer, launched a year ago.

At the touch of a lightning-bolt button, followed by a “bzzz” sound effect, the photo is ready to be shared on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, where Louboutin is fast approaching five million followers. The French brand also plans to compile the most creative submissions weekly.

Louboutin plans to add filters on a monthly or bimonthly basis, with a men’s one in the works for September.