THE OTHER ZUCKERBERG: Marie Claire’s Anne Fulenwider will be chatting up Nina Garcia and wired living authority Randi Zuckerberg Sunday at South by Southwest. A crowd of 2,400 is expected at their “Style Goes Viral: The Future of Fashion” panel discussion. Zuckerberg, whose signature media company is Silicon Valley-based, will sound off about how that tech-savvy crowd shops and how the area is ripe for fashion. There will also be some air time for her “Dot Complicated” book, an extension of her Web site and newsletter by that same name that is due out this fall by HarperCollins. Garcia will no doubt be keeping her 652,000 Twitter followers plugged in.

While Zuckerberg’s surname is pretty much synonymous with social media, don’t bank on her droning on about her Facebook founding brother Mark. His name was never mentioned when Zuckerberg lunched with Fulenwider, Brent Allen and Lea Goldman about the prospect of a Marie Claire-led SXSW event. Goldman said, “Randi is very cool and very confident. She has a lot going on that is hers and hers alone. She didn’t talk about her brother.”