MAURIZIO GUCCI’S WIDOW SPEAKS: Patrizia Reggiani, after serving 17 years in jail for arranging her ex-husband Maurizio Gucci’s murder in 1995, has sat down for another interview with Italy’s daily Il Giornale on Monday, peppering the story with double-take-inducing quotes. “At that time in my life, I was convinced that a creature such as him did not deserve living. Why? I will never tell,” said Reggiani of the late Gucci, whom she also described as “peterpanning.”

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That said, as she claimed during the trial, Reggiani underscored that she did not want her husband dead and that she had “loved him as a madwoman.” In the article, she claims that Gucci used to ask her advice “on everything,” and that she knows the brand’s archives “by heart.” Reggiani believes that if those archives were in her possession, she “would surely know what to do with them” at a time when she finds fashion and brands “very much lacking femininity. But the dream to have the Gucci [company] back will remain so — too much money would be necessary.”

Reggiani refers to the Milan prison San Vittore, where she was due to spend 26 years, as “Victor residence,” and a place where she realized the power she had over people. “I very much ordered the inmates around and all of them, indistinctly, obeyed without a word.” At first, she admits, she was “beaten up,” but she “returned [the blows] right away, and with interests. And after that, nobody touched me anymore. Actually, the others started to imitate me, to wear makeup and perfume […]”

Given her good conduct, Reggiani is completing her sentence in social service work, which allows her a gig at Milan-based costume jewelry firm Bozart, as reported, for which she says she is paid 600 euros, or $743 at current exchange. She claims she is destitute, living in her mother’s villa near the Milan courthouse and that’s why Paola Franchi, Maurizio Gucci’s partner at the time of his death, and Giuseppe Onorato, the former janitor of the building where the entrepreneur lived and who was wounded during the shoot, are still waiting for compensatory damages.

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