MAKING THE CASE: On Monday, Steve Case was interviewed by The New Yorker’s media reporter Ken Auletta at the Foursquare Media Conference at the Wall Street Regent Hotel. Press was not allowed to cover the event and WWD was not invited.

Luckily, there was a mole, who reported the unaccountably cheerful chairman of AOL Time Warner had many things to say about the future of his company — almost all of which could easily have been taken from fortune cookies gobbled up during three-hour lunches at Chinese restaurants around town. Here are 13 tokens of his wisdom (the number 13 is purely coincidental):

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1) We’re looking for traction.

2) It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

3) It’s no use looking in the rearview mirror.

4) It’s easy to see things with 20/20 hindsight.

5) This is a marathon and we have many miles to run.

6) We have to stay the course.

7) You can’t let them throw you off your game.

8) Things change.

9) We have a bright future.

10) We have to take it to the next level.

11) We haven’t reached the tipping point.

12) These things don’t happen overnight.

13) Time will tell.”

— Jacob Bernstein

GALOTTI AS SURFER DUDE: Ron Galotti, vice president and publisher of GQ, has found a new way to flex his muscles: surfing. “I’m in Milan, so surfing here would be a bad idea,” said Galotti, tracked down on a trip. “I actually just took up the sport. A friend’s daughter surfs, and I do a lot of ocean kayaking, so he asked me if I’d watch her so she doesn’t drown. At the end of the summer, I said to her, ‘You sit in the kayak and rest, and I’ll surf.’” He loved it and bought himself a board. “By the end of the summer, everybody is surfing. All the old guys like me are surfing. It’s a contagious sport…pretty physical. It just kicks the s–t out of you. It’s tough on you.”

Dick Baker, chief executive of Ocean Pacific Apparel, is making a wet suit for him.

“He better make it look sexy,” Galotti said. “Everybody’s going to see me. Every time they drag me out of the water, people will see me.”

— L.L.

MAGAZINE MOVEMENT: Last week, Rolling Stone assistant managing editor Bill Tonelli was axed by editor Ed Needham. Next week, Tony Romando, the number-three from Needham’s former stomping ground, FHM, will replace him.

Just don’t take it as another sign that hard journalism is on the back burner at Rolling Stone.

“It should not be viewed as a change in direction in terms of longer pieces,” the magazine’s spokesman said. “There are quite a few political pieces in the works,” including a roundtable discussion on alternative energy sources and coverage of the presidential campaign starting in 2003.

— J.B.

GLAMOUR BABE: Glamour editrix Cindi Leive gave birth Wednesday afternoon, delivering her first child, Lucy Leive Bernstein. The baby’s father is film producer Howard Bernstein. Leive will be back in the office after Thanksgiving.

— J.B.

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