MEDIA MORATORIUM: Pierre Cardin, whose name has been plastered on more products than any designer in history, is now flying the flag for exclusivity. Claiming he’s wary of being copied, Cardin has banned photographers and TV crews from his upcoming couture show in Paris. He will also restrict attendance at the show, scheduled for Jan. 17, to just 180 guests and 10 journalists.

“Mr. Cardin is determined to give back some exclusivity to couture. He wants to stop it being ruined,” said Bernard Danillon, his director of communications.

As reported, Cardin and Chanel are the only two couture houses in Paris that have refused to allow Event Media of New York to broadcast their collections live via satellite to New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

“Couture has got to be protected,” Danillon said. “It’s quite ridiculous that any little sweatshop in Paris or New York can turn out a couture copy within 72 hours of a runway show. Only the people who really buy couture and spend 100,000 francs on a suit should be allowed the chance to see it on the runway.”

Cardin is due to show in the Espace Cardin, his privately owned theater, but Danillon said the site would remain secret “to guarantee that it remains restricted to real guests.”

A NEW REIGN: Holly Brubach, who started her new job this week as style editor of The New York Times Magazine, is making changes. She’s expected to name Elizabeth Stewart, former senior fashion editor of Mirabella, to coordinate sittings. Stewart will shop the New York and Paris markets and style shoots in New York and Europe.

Frans Ancone, as reported, will move from Europe to the U.S. to become the magazine’s stylist. He had been working for a Dutch magazine called Avenue. “Together we will conceptualize the look of the style pages in the magazine and the fashion coverage,” said Brubach.

Hal Rubenstein will continue as editor of the Men’s Fashions of The Times supplement, and will do some sittings for the Times magazine, said Brubach. Brubach said the new team’s first efforts will appear Sunday, Feb. 20, beginning with couture coverage.

Over in the Times ad department, Julia Wang has been named managing director, worldwide, handling fashion, beauty, home design and fashion accessories for the newspaper and the Sunday magazine. She reports to Janet Robinson, vice president of advertising. Wang had been international director of fashion and beauty.

BROWN LEAVES VOGUE: Pamela Altman Brown resigned this week as project editor of Vogue, where she worked 3 1/2 years. She plans to pursue other editorial opportunities.

SPORTSCAST: Gabrielle Reece, the 6-foot 3-inch pro volleyball player and model, has become a consulting editor for fitness at Elle magazine. She’ll write short columns about sports and interview athletes. She’s also a correspondent for MTV Sports. Reece’s cross-training shoe for Nike will be launched in stores this March, the same month her first piece in Elle appears.