MISSING DETAILS: Details’ offices are feeling a bit empty lately, and it’s not just the summer Fridays. In recent weeks, two of the magazine’s heavy lifters have decamped: articles editor Kevin Gray, for Portfolio, and senior writer Bart Blasengame, to be a radio DJ in Portland, Ore. Meanwhile, editor at large Jeff Gordinier will cut back his workload for the next few months while he writes a book he describes as a “generational manifesto” for Viking. (The book will look at how Generation X has altered cultural and business practices in the U.S., despite being overshadowed by Baby Boomers and Millennials. Details, like WWD, is owned by Condé Nast Publications.) And it was only three months ago that deputy editor Brian Farnham left to become editor in chief of Time Out New York, although Farnham’s de facto replacement, executive editor Bill Van Parys, had already come on board by then.

Big surprise: Details’ editor in chief, Dan Peres, says he’ll be doing some hiring soon. “It presents me with a terrific opportunity to reshape my masthead a bit, which is frankly something that is long overdue,” he said. “I’m going to take a good, long look at my staff and make some adjustments.”
Jeff Bercovici and Sara James

GLAMOUR PUTZ: Glamour magazine has given party boy Fabian Basabe another platform from which to foist himself on the American public. In Glamour’s August “Man Issue,” currently on newsstands, Basabe blathers on for four-and-a-half pages about being redeemed from his “debauched” lifestyle by bride Martina Borgomanero. “She was the first woman who had ever held my attention,” wrote the self-described playboy, who has never quite been able to escape questions about his sexual orientation.

When he’s not praising Borgomanero, Basabe seems to be schilling for Manhattan’s Hudson Hotel, where he lived for months on end during his wilder days — presumably at a reduced rate, for why else would he be so effusively repaying the favor now? “After one fashion show, I invited a bunch of the models back to my suite at the Hudson Hotel,” he wrote. “I liked the hotel. A maid came in three times a day to wipe the slate of my activities clean. I never had to buy toilet paper, cook a meal, make a bed.”

This story first appeared in the July 12, 2006 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

Glamour senior editor Genevieve Field said of editing Basabe, “He was very willing to write about his own flaws but sometimes tried to gloss over the salient details of his relationships because he wanted to be ‘discrete.’ So I pushed him to explore what was at the root of his years of playboy behavior, and in the end, he revealed those insecurities with an honesty that I think our readers will appreciate — that is, if they’re not wishing they could throw a drink in his face!”

Basabe “is at work on a novel based partially on his bachelor years,” according to the story’s tag line. Memo Pad can hardly wait.

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