NO SHOWS: Vogue editor at large Andre Leon Talley won’t be playing Henry Higgins to anyone at the couture shows in Paris this season. In fact, he won’t even be there. While Talley squired Melania Trump nee Knauss to the shows in January and recently took on Mariah Carey as his next makeover project, he’s not going to be scouting looks for anyone at this week’s shows, which start Wednesday. Actually, neither will Vogue’s creative director Grace Coddington. A Vogue spokesman confirmed the magazine will have a slightly smaller presence at couture this time around as both Talley and Coddington have chosen not to attend. “There’s nothing in the tea leaves,” said the spokesman. “Andre is busy with his book [‘ALT365’ came out last month], and Grace will be in New York for a shoot for the September issue.” The magazine will not be sending anyone in their stead. Rather, the rest of the Vogue staff normally in attendance, including fashion news editor Sally Singer and editor in chief Anna Wintour, will have to suffice.
— Sara James

GIANT ON THE PROWL: Is Giant finally getting around to looking for a new editor in chief? Following the departure of Mark Remy in April, Jamie Hooper, the men’s entertainment title’s founder and president, said he had no plans to replace him. Hooper claimed he was content to let editorial director Greg Williams run the show, but Giant sources say Hooper himself, a former publisher of Maxim and Stuff, has been functioning as de facto editor in chief, even going so far as to alter individual captions.

That may be about to change. Hooper was spotted at Soho House Thursday having dinner with Tony Romando, editor in chief of Sync, the new Ziff Davis title for gadget aficionados. Romando, a veteran of Rolling Stone and FHM, declined to comment on the meeting. Hooper, via e-mail, said it was “just two friends having a drink. Rob Hill [Giant’s executive editor] was with us. They used to work together at FHM.”

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Asked about the claim that he, not Williams, is dictating the content, Hooper said, “Greg is our editorial director. He brought [creative director] Ash Gibson in and you will see the amazing results of their partnership with the new issue.” That would be the August/September issue, which features a stylish new design and actress Mischa Barton on the cover.
— Jeff Bercovici

CRIMINAL ELLE-EMENT: Shooting on location can be risky business — even when the location is Manhattan’s placid Upper East Side. A brazen band of thieves broke into a parked van in broad daylight during an outdoor shoot for Elle magazine several weeks ago, according to two sources who worked on the shoot. Members of the Elle crew, including fashion editor at large/photographer Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, were several blocks away, taking pictures of model Nicole Trunfio for an accessories story. The robbers managed to load some $15,000 worth of photo equipment into their green minivan before the driver of the model trailer, which was parked nearby on the corner of Madison Avenue and 77th Street, saw what they were up to and ran over. When he tried to enter the minivan, one of the thieves kicked him in the chest and the vehicle sped off. “We couldn’t believe it,” said someone from the Elle crew, adding the driver managed to note the minivan’s plates before it disappeared. The incident took place May 20. It’s unclear whether the robbers have been caught. Neither a spokesman for the police department nor a spokeswoman for Elle was able to provide details on the crime.
— J.B.

SUMMER GAMES 2005: Soccer seems to be gaining on softball as the game of choice for summer office field days. Vogue’s exploits on the field last year fueled multiple items on Page Six and, and this season, its pool of opponents has gained some depth. New York magazine just formed a coed soccer team and is playing squads from The New York Times, The New Yorker, VH1 and Burson-Marsteller this summer at Pier 40. Cosmogirl’s team is in its second year and will play Esquire for its season opener. And what of Vogue? It’s on a temporary hiatus after bruising up its shins this spring. In addition to its once-a-year grudge match against Teen Vogue, members from both teams play the Times and MTV, among others. Vogue research associate Stephen Weiss is said to be the unofficial captain, but its ace in the goal is Teen Vogue assistant editor Sarah Jenks-Daly, who took her high school team to the state finals, like, yesterday.
— S.J.

MAKING TIME: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, summer Fridays…With all that extra time on their hands, how are various magazine editors and executives spending their summers? Marie Claire editor in chief Lesley Jane Seymour is planning a road trip in Italy for two weeks with her kids. “It’s like traveling with two wild animals in the car,” she said. Susan Schulz, editor in chief of Cosmogirl, will also be motoring around Europe. Schulz and her husband are renting a car and driving from Galway to Dublin in Ireland.

Marie Claire’s publisher Susan Plagemann is headed to Turkey to “teach her kids about everything from the fall of the Ottoman Empire, to where East meets West, to how to survive with your siblings when stranded at sea,” according to the magazine’s spokeswoman. Her family will be stopping in Istanbul and sailing through the Aegean Sea.

Glamour’s fashion director Xanthipi Joannides is headed to her house in Greece, where she “doesn’t wear shoes the whole time she’s there,” according to Cindi Leive, editor in chief of Glamour. Leive, a new mom, will be sticking closer to home. “I’m renting a house on Lake Tahoe and working on my water-skiing form,” she said. “Plus running, with the goal of being back in shape by Labor Day.”

Avid traveler Michael Clinton, executive vice president/chief marketing officer/publishing director, Hearst Magazines, is headed to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Clinton’s next book, “Global Snaps,” is due out in September. “I hear that the Baltic states are growing by leaps and bounds, and I want to see it,” said Clinton. “Not to mention that I am fourth-generation Lithuanian on my mother’s side, so I have to go see my people.”

Jamie Pallot, CondeNet editorial director, will also be reconnecting with his roots. “My exotic vacation destination is Jersey — not New Jersey, but ye olde British Isle of Jersey, where my family have been farmers since at least 1590,” said Pallot.

And Self editor in chief Lucy Danziger just returned from an African safari. Said Danziger: “You really can’t leave the bush camp without being accompanied by a guide with a gun….You even stand up in the Jeep because you break the silhouette of the vehicle, the lions will see you, and well, let’s just say this can be a way of looking like dinner.”

So come fall expect magazine articles on Greece, Turkey, Ireland and Lake Tahoe. Oh, and a few shots of the Baltics in Clinton’s next book.
— S. J.

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