SHOW TIMES: The New York Times’ Cathy Horyn said in Monday’s front-page story about the spring 2005 collections, “There are 169 shows on the eight-day bill, and to see them all you would need eyes not only in the back of your head but also at the sides.” Of course, having eyes like a Pectinidae bivalve mollusk isn’t actually necessary for those who, like Horyn, work at the Times. There, reporters can schedule private appointments with designers to view collections and then write about them as if they’d attended the shows. Horyn, who reviewed Tuleh and Derek Lam in Tuesday’s paper, was noticeably absent from the front row at either collection (though her colleague Guy Trebay did turn up at Tuleh). Nevertheless, on Tuesday, Horyn wrote, “Bryan Bradley [Tuleh’s designer] and Derek Lam share a fondness for clothes that convey a sense of intimacy.” The question is whether that sense of intimacy was enhanced by showroom tête à têtes with the designers — Lam was quoted discussing his influences in Horyn’s piece, which made no mention of an off-site viewing. When asked if Trebay offered contributions to the Tuleh review, a Times source said, “There were no contributors to the article [on Tuesday]. If Cathy’s not at a show, she’s at a private showing.” Guess that’s one way to avoid the mad rush at Bryant Park. — Sara James

UNINVITED GUESTS: New York City’s just not big enough for two rival celebrity magazines – at least not during fashion week. Us Weekly partisans are claiming they had to have several representatives of Star ejected from a party at the Bryant Park Hotel’s Cellar Bar last Thursday night — a claim that appears slightly exaggerated. Us gave the party to celebrate the publication of Patrick McMullan’s latest book, “In Tents.” According to an Us Weekly spokeswoman, an unidentified staffer from the magazine entered the restroom shortly before the start of the event to find Star’s spokesmodels, the Pink Ladies, making plans to crash the party and distribute copies of Star. The staffer notified security, who escorted the models out, she said. A Star spokeswoman countered that the models were merely using the bathroom to get ready for a press event featuring Lil’ Kim, who was staying at the hotel while covering the shows for Star. Whatever they were up to, the bar’s manager confirmed the Ladies were asked to leave the party area: “We didn’t throw them out, but we kind of hurried them up a little bit.”

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The spokeswoman for Us also claimed that Star columnist and reality TV star Victoria Gotti tried to crash the party with one of her sons only to be shown the door. The manager, however, said Gotti, at least, merely stopped in to use the restroom. A security guard from the hotel confirmed his account, adding that he held Gotti’s bag while she was in the loo. – Jeff Bercovici