THREE’S COMPANY: Though it may seem like fashion week is the only game in town, today marks the convergence in New York of more than one disparate world: New York’s primary vote in an all-bets-off election and, downtown, the ticker tape parade for the Giants after their win in the Super Bowl. (It’s also Fat Tuesday, but odds are fashion week regulars won’t indulge.)

For editors who already bemoan the stresses of bouncing between Bryant Park, Chelsea and downtown shows, will the polling site and the parade be one more stop? WWD caught up with some of them, and found more than a few multitasking. “What’s important about this collection — I mean, election,” began More editor in chief Lesley Jane Seymour. “Oops. Well, you can use that.” — Irin Carmon, Stephanie D. Smith and Amy Wicks

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Joanna Coles, editor in chief, Marie Claire: “I’m planning to do it all. I can’t vote, as I don’t yet have my citizenship [she’s British], but I’m going to four Super Tuesday parties. I have a lot of British political journalist friends in town for it, so I’m planning to see them first, then drive by the victory parade, as my sons wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t, and then, of course, off to see Diesel, Behnaz, Narciso and William Rast, and will wrap up with the Super Tuesday parties. We did photo shoots with both Barack [Obama} and Hillary [Clinton] in my first issue of Marie Claire, and I think they’re both awesome.”

Elizabeth Saltzman, international social editor, Vanity Fair: “I’ll be voting — for a Democrat — at the crack of dawn. No need to juggle schedules for that, I’m jet-lagged, so it all works. I won’t be attending the ticker-tape parade, but not because I don’t love the Giants. I may live in London, but I’ll always be a New Yorker.”

Alexis Bryan, executive fashion editor, Vanity Fair: “Yes, of course I am going to vote — 8 a.m. before the Tse presentation. And I’ll be voting for Obama — though if Hillary wins, I would be absolutely fine with that. No parade for me tomorrow, but I was happy to catch the last 10 minutes of the game last night after the Miss Sixty show. It was riveting!”

Kim France, editor in chief, Lucky: “I love a parade, my candidate, and the shows, but I will only be enjoying two of these things on Tuesday. The ticker tape will have to wait until my candidate wins.”

Linda Wells, editor in chief, Allure: “I’m voting in the morning. I had my own parade for the Giants last night, so I won’t be throwing ticker tape, but will in spirit. To deal with the traffic, I’ll be traveling with my Kindle, reading Charles Bock’s ‘Beautiful Children.'”

Lesley Jane Seymour, editor in chief, More: “My biggest fashion accessory is going to be my Obama pin…but I am just not a football fan. If Diane von Furstenberg was facing off against Miuccia Prada, that would be my Super Bowl.”

Cindi Leive, editor in chief, Glamour: “I voted in the primary already — absentee ballot — I vote upstate — and I can’t imagine that the ticker-tape parade will beat the 40 screaming people in my living room last night, so it’s shows as usual, with a two-hour block off in the middle of the day to chair an ASME board meeting, possibly more intense than the Giants parade but usually no one wears face paint!”

Roberta Myers, editor in chief, Elle: “Yes, [I’m] voting, after I drop off my son at school. Yes, I’m a Giants fan! I probably won’t make the parade.” Who is she voting for? “I’m voting in the Democratic primary. How’s that?”

Joe Zee, creative director, Elle: “Unfortunately, I can’t vote — I’m Canadian — or Super Tuesday would have been my first choice. I’m not a football fan. I know, I’m going to get lynched for that one…but I’m proud for New York though, that we won!”

Richard David Story, editor in chief, Departures: “I, for one, kinda love the madness of deciding between superfrocks, Super Bowl or Super Tuesday, even though it’s like the end of ‘Chinatown’ where Faye Dunaway in between bouts of hysterical sobbing and slaps to the face by Jack Nicholson, cries out, ‘My sister, (SLAP) my daughter, (SLAP) my sister, (SLAP) my daughter…'”

Julie Anne Quay, executive editor, V Magazine: “Tomorrow I plan to attend the shows (Rodarte, Diesel, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Narciso Rodriguez) and the parade as well — go Giants! Since we featured Tom Brady on the last cover of VMan, we’ve been watching his undefeated progress closely this season, so it was a tough call on the weekend — Tom or the Giants. Ultimately, I had to go with our home team, who brought it home for New York City! I’m Australian, so I won’t be voting, but if I could I would vote for Hillary! ”

Kate Betts, editor, Time Style & Design: “I’m going to shows and I’m going to follow the primary coverage on on my BlackBerry, and I’m going to try to make it to the 10 a.m. edit meeting at Time so I can get the inside scoop.”

Hope Greenberg, fashion director, Lucky: “Fortunately I live in Murray Hill, so it’s convenient to make a mad dash to my polling place and quickly vote….I will not be attending the ticker-tape parade. I am a Giants fan, but I think there are only so many things you can do in a day.”

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