WAS IT AS GOOD AS THE FIRST TIME?: Though The New York Times, New York magazine and The Wall Street Journal gave scathing reviews to the film adaptation of “Sex and the City,” what did Ron Galotti, the original Mr. Big, think? Galotti, former publisher of Vogue and Vanity Fair, trekked from his homestead in North Pomfret, Vermont, to attend the film’s Manhattan premiere on Tuesday night with Tom Florio, senior vice president and publishing director of Vogue, Men’s Vogue and Teen Vogue. He enjoyed the scene in which Carrie Bradshaw is photographed for Vogue in several designer wedding dresses, with editors Plum Sykes, André Leon Talley and photographer Patrick Demarchelier lording over the shoot. “I thought it was good for them, and good for Anna [Wintour],” said Galotti. “And there’s André and Plum, it’s kinda like sweet to see them. Great publicity.”

Galotti also appreciated how the producers didn’t shy away from the fortysomething characters’ real ages, including Samantha Jones’ 50 years. “There’s a big difference between 40 and 50. Look at Kim Cattrall [who plays Jones on-screen]. Don’t you want to look like Kim Cattrall” when you’re that age?

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But Galotti was critical of his own portrayal in the movie, believing the early days of “Sex” were truer to his persona. “In the beginning, it was still true to form. But at the same time, it’s kind of eerie to see yourself in character. As it went on, it kind of got silly…the jealousy in the hotel rooms, that was not me. Candace [Bushnell, author of the “Sex and the City” novel and Galotti’s ex-girlfriend] was terrific in being respectable. I was a good boyfriend and she never treated me badly.” — Stephanie D. Smith

WOMEN’S MOVEMENT: “No models.” That rule guided Men.style.com editor Dirk Standen and his team as they made their selections for the site’s second annual Women of Fashion event, held on the rooftop of the Peninsula Hotel. The 20 honorees were a model-and-celebrity-free mix of stylists, photographers and regular hardworking fashion girls. As to how the winners, who included stylist Annabel Tollman, photographer Poppy de Villeneuve and lone designer on the list Tara Subkoff, were picked, Standen joked: “It’s a very secret process — several international accounting firms are involved.” There actually was a judges’ panel consisting of the site’s editors, along with Sartorialist Scott Schuman and designers Michael Bastian, Rogan Gregory, Rag & Bone’s David Neville and Marcus Wainwright, and Shipley & Halmos’ Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos.

CondéNet editorial director Jamie Pallot admitted that the event was “a bit inside baseball,” though he pointed out that online fashion coverage has “totally cast a whole new spotlight on people who used to be behind the scenes.” Still, binoculars would not have been required to spot several conflicts of interest, the most glaring being that honoree Eugenia Gonzalez is Bastian’s public relations director, and Berrin Noorata is director of communications for Gregory’s labels, Rogan and Loomstate. Halmos said he felt the vibe “wasn’t popularity-contesty,” but noted that honoree Heidi Bivens did style Shipley & Halmos’ fall show. “The fashion industry is so small,” offered co-designer Shipley.

Meanwhile, considering the site’s theme, is a Men of Fashion award in the offing? Pallot laughed and gave the nonresponse: “That’s a whole other question.” — Véronique Hyland

OUT THE DOOR: Portfolio senior editor Bob Roe was dismissed from Portfolio late last Thursday, just over two months after the magazine declined to renew the contract of his wife, writer Nancy Hass. The news, first reported by Gawker Friday, did not come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the workings of the magazine, who said Roe had been openly disdainful of editor in chief Joanne Lipman. Privately, her camp said Roe had not been fulfilling his responsibilities. In turn, friends and former employees of Roe, who couldn’t be reached late Friday, praised his work. Roe came from Sports Illustrated and was close to former Portfolio editors Michael Caruso and Jim Impoco, among other departed staffers. The magazine declined comment. — Irin Carmon

IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER: Another magazine veteran is leaving print behind for the Web. Polly Blitzer, former assistant editor at In Style, has started her own site, BeautyBlitz.com, which she is marketing as the first national beauty magazine to be published entirely online. The site will feature celebrity editors, blogs and special sections and access to industry experts, and will include a team of former editors from magazines including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire and In Style.

Once the site hits a viable traffic benchmark, Blitzer plans to meet with beauty, fashion and lifestyle companies about advertising. “Strategic partnerships and branded content seem to be the future of online advertising, so we’re pursuing those heavily,” she said.

The site’s main revenue stream right now comes from fees she earns as a beauty spokesperson and expert. She declined to name potential advertisers, although Esi Eggleston Bracey, vice president and general manager for global P&G cosmetics, seemed open to the idea. “Web sites such as BeautyBlitz.com provide fantastic opportunities for P&G Beauty to share our new product and technology news with women,” said Bracey. “Our research shows that beauty-involved women are searching for beauty news, tips and expert endorsements from multiple sources.” P&G is behind brands such as Pantene, Max Factor and Cover Girl. Blitzer also has partnered with Sephora.

Blitzer has joined forces with American Greetings to offer “beauty grams.” Web site visitors will be able to choose a card from American Greetings Interactive and buy a beauty product from an online retailer, and the recipient will receive the beauty telegram the same day.

“AG Interactive has been looking to strengthen our solution for targeting women across our network that are interested in beauty and fashion,” said Steve Alessi, AG Interactive vice president, advertising sales and operations. Blitzer also is partnering with instyle.com. As a contributing editor, she writes the Daily Beauty Flash, which includes a link back to BeautyBlitz. — Amy Wicks

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